Elephant Joe’s Coffee is a coffee truck based out of the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We have a PASSION for coffee and it shows in our full mobile menu.  Check out our menu, give us a follow on social media, and stop by sometime to say hello when we’re in your neighborhood!

Learn more about the people behind Elephant Joe's!

About Us


Our mission at Elephant Joe’s is to provide a meaningful and memorable experience while serving the highest quality, locally roasted coffee. We partner with businesses and local organizations to bring our truck to their locations, while also supporting the community, and beyond, in the process.

What’s our story?

We are two couples and dear friends who share the same passion for coffee and community.  We all bring unique skills to the table, so it became a no brainer to move forward with this once in a lifetime opportunity.

What’s important to us?

Faith, family, friends, fellowship…and our fill of ‘Elephant Joe’s Coffee’!

How did you come up with the name Elephant Joe’s?

Kelsey has a big love for elephants and their incredible, human like characteristics. They develop strong, life-long connections with the members of their herd. The ‘joe’ was fitting as some of our most treasured relationships over the years have been cultivated over cups of coffee. How could we not put those two together? Voila, Elephant Joe’s was born!

Meet Our Team!

Mara & Blake Habisch

Coffee has given me the best gift of all, Katie and Damon Klein, and the Elephant Joe’s Team!

 I am a huge fan of coffee, and when I was introduced to the Klein’s and their business adventure four years ago, I couldn’t say no. I was immediately drawn to their love of community, and people, and knew I needed to be a part of this team!

Coffee has always been a part of my life. I remember watching my Grandparents have dessert and coffee and talk and laugh with their friends for hours. The excitement people get when they are given a really great cup of coffee, and the connections that bring those people together, that’s what has brought me to this amazing part of my life and ownership.

As someone who thrives off of community connections, and bringing support for small businesses, I knew that this would be a great venture for me. I love building relationships and learning the link between people. The team always tells me I know everyone, but that’s the light in this business, getting to know each and every person who supports our dream.

My husband Blake and I live in Winsted, where we are raising our three very active and outgoing kiddos.  When we are not at baseball, dance, football, or basketball. You can find us at our lake lot fishing, and relaxing!  We are so grateful for this venture, and look forward to seeing and meeting you in the truck!

Favorite Drink:

Mara: Hazelnut/Vanilla Shaken Layered Latte with oat milk or Hazelnut Latte                                                                                                                          Blake: Tropical Red Bull with Raspberry and Mango (Ener-Joe)                   The kids: Strawberry Smoothie or Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

Katie & Damon Klein

I am a lifelong coffee junkie! I blame my Grandma for letting me drink coffee…well, milk, sugar and a couple ounces of joe while teaching me how to play cards, only taking breaks to watch Days of our Lives. In college, my passion for coffee and community collided when I started working part-time at a locally owned coffee shop. I soon learned that when I made someone’s favorite drink, it wasn’t just a way to fuel their morning, it was a way to make someone’s day. I was hooked.

``When I made someone's favorite drink, it wasn't just a way to fuel their morning . . . it was a way to make someone's day.``

I reside in Cologne with my everything, my family. My husband Damon has lived in this community for over 35 years and shares a passion for this town. He is a firefighter and city employee. Damon also shares in his entrepreneurial tendencies and has a small tractor restoration business.

We have two kind kiddos, Anna and Miles. When we aren’t at work, or at the truck, you’ll find us at their activities. As a family, we enjoy attending community and church events, playing cards and games, and watching movies.

Favorite drinks:

Katie: Americano, Cold Brew, or an Ivory Elephant
Damon: Vanilla Oat Milk Latte
Anna:  Iced 1 Shot Decaf Latte with Vanilla, and Caramel Drizzle
Miles: Hot chocolate